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Fuck yeah. 

- Hazel

Tove Lo - “Paradise”
Album: Truth Serum EP [Neon Gold; 2014]
Genre: Electropop

Tove Lo finally released more than a single in 2014 (though the EP includes the excellent single “Habits" which was my #16 song of last year). While "Paradise" doesn’t not reach the high (ha ha) of that song, "Paradise is catchy in a more traditional pop song sense (other than the drum and bass line that backs up the chorus, but Rudimental certainly popularized that last year as well).

The Colourist - “Fix This”
Album: The Colourist [Republic; 2014]
Genre: Indie Pop

Reminds me a bit of Metric. This is the catchiest song on the album, which overall is a bit on the bland end with a few standouts. Also recommended “We Won’t Go Home”, “Tonight (Young Hearts)”, and “Say You Need Me”.

And hey, the drummer has Phil Collins skills singing backup/lead vocals while playing the kit. Feel it in the air tonight, I do.

S. Carey - “Crown the Pines”
Album: Range of Light [Jagjaguwar; 2014]
Genre: Chamber Folk

This is good. It starts a little slow, but when it kicks in, wow. S. Carey’s claim to fame is being Bon Iver’s Producer, but this should help to change that.

Stream the entire album at the nytimes.

Future Islands - “Seasons (Waiting On You)”
Album: Singles [4AD]
Genre: Indietronica

After 30 seconds of listening to Future Islands, my wife said “That’s terrible.” In her defense, it wasn’t this song. Though I don’t think it’s terrible unless he’s using his “metal voice”. So, a little over-dramatic, but I still like it.

Small Black - “Real People (feat. Frankie Rose)”
Album: Real People EP [Jagjaguwar; 2014]

Synth-poppy upbeatness. With strange sci-fi imagery.

Out April 1st, unless you’re into preorders and vinyl.



new song i made with pat lukens and sad andy for pat’s new mixtape coming out next month ^_____^

dedicated to all the boyz whose summer got real awkward once i came around ~ sry

im just reblogging this a lot sry

Kitty singing the hook instead of instarapping.

Laurel - “To the Hills”

Her debut EP of the same name will be released April 7th.

On a side note, I wanted to bring up the fact that I am currently viewing a spinning wheel of loading while trying to buy NIN / Soundgarden / Death Grips tickets. I wanted to mention this for juxtaposition purposes.

Joywave has almost never lead me astray, though I am not sure how I feel about them trying to go 100% dance music. So, there are elements of this song I’m not as fond of, but there are parts of this song that really shine (especially see 1:04-1:26 and more especially 2:13-3:40). Their new EP How Do You Feel? comes out TUE 3/11.

Joywave - “In Clover”

Arthur Beatrice - “More Scrapes” (Live Version)
Studio Version on Working Out [Harvest; 2014]