Music On My Radar

Ryn Weaver - “Promises”

I think I liked “OctaHate” more, but still good. Weaver’s debut EP (of the same name as this song) was released at beginning of August.

Owl  John - “Red Hand”

Lead single from lead singer of Frightened Rabbit Scott Hutchison's solo effort released earlier this month. Excellent song. Doesn’t sound all that different from a Frightened Rabbit song really.

Video is NSFW.

I think she’s supposed to be bathing in blood, but it looks like she’s bathing in fruit punch. Changes the meaning a bit.

Ex Cops - “Black Soap”

The Brooklyn duo’s shoe-gazey pop single from the album Daggers out 10/28 on Downtown Records.

Been ignoring the blog for summer, but school starting up soon, so…

Untitled mix #2

First Half of 2014

Spoon - “The Underdog”

#USA vs. #BEL


Ryn Weaver - “OctaHate” [self-released]

Kodaline - “All I Want
Album: The Fault in Our Stars Soundtrack [Atlantic; 2014]
Genre: Pop Rock

Well this song dates back to 2012. And apparently I’m not that guy who reads YA novels (ok not MOST YA novels), but gobble up the soundtracks to the movie adaptations like the candy they are. (Hunger Games Catching Fire and Divergent were great soundtracks, for the record).

I do think if the song stayed like it did at the beginning it would have been ok, but kinda boring. When the drama got amped up at the end and the instrumentation really kicked in (see 3:18 on), it became great.

Double Bonus: Ellie Goulding covered it.

Jack White - “Would You Fight For My Love?”Album: Lazaretto [Third Man; 2014]
Genre: Blues Rock

Jack White’s Lazaretto also came out last Tuesday. He’s been on a bit of a foot-in-mouth tour the past year, so I’ll say he doesn’t come off as the most likeable guy. But unless you’re R. Kelly (or similar level issues), I try and look past transgressions of that sort to focus on the music.

The album is okay, but I really liked this. Has a sort of Rocky Horror vibe while driving forward.

First Aid Kit - “Cedar Lane”
Album: Stay Gold [Columbia; 2014]
Genre: Americana? Can You Be That and Swedish?

Stay Gold came out last Tuesday. I liked a pretty large portion of this album (see also “Silver Lining”, “Stay Gold”, and “ A Long Time Ago”). It’s probably their best album thus far, but I do think I have to be in the right mood for the twang and steel guitar going on. Still, excellent song and excellent album. (Especially 3:30 on. Amazing.)